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How to Use a Collar Stay Like a Pro

Updated: May 1

Collar stays, also known as collar stiffeners, are an essential accessory for anyone who wants to look sharp and professional in their dress shirt. They are small, flat pieces of plastic, metal or other materials that are inserted into the collar of a shirt to keep it crisp and neat.

However, many people are unaware of the proper way to use a collar stay, which can result in an unpolished and sloppy appearance. In this article, we will guide you on how to use a collar to stay like a pro, so you can maintain a sleek and polished appearance.

Understanding Collar Stays

It is crucial to comprehend what collar stays are and why they are required before getting into how to apply them properly. Collar stays are used to support and preserve the collar's shape, preventing it from getting wrinkled, curled, or otherwise out of place.

There are two types of collar stays: detachable and permanent. During the production process, permanent collar stays are sewed into the shirt's collar; they cannot be taken out. On the other hand, removable collar stays can be added and removed as required.

Choosing the Right Collar Stay

Selecting the appropriate collar stay is essential for having a polished and businesslike appearance. Collar stays are available in a range of dimensions, forms, and materials. It's crucial to select a collar stay that matches the dimensions and contours of your collar.

The most popular kind of collar stays, plastic ones work well with most formal shirts. With larger and stiffer collars, metal collar stays are more reliable and a superior option. Magnetic collar stays are a more recent development that use magnets to hold the collar in place.

Inserting Collar Stays

It's time to install the appropriate collar stay into your shirt collar now that you've made your choice. Finding the compartments where the collar stays will be inserted is the first step. On the underside of the collar points of most dress shirts are little pockets where the stays can be put.

The collar stay should now be inserted into the pocket so that it rests flat on the collar. The pointed end of the collar stay should be put facing down toward the shirt. The collar is kept firmly in place and keeps from shifting or curling thanks to the pointed end.

Removing Collar Stays

To prevent harming the collar or the collar stay itself, it's crucial to remove collar stays carefully. Start by taking off the collar stays from the pockets. The collar should next be lightly bent with your fingertips to alleviate any stress that the collar stay may have caused.

The collar stay should never be pulled or yanked out of the pocket because doing so could harm both the collar and the collar stay. Use a pair of pliers or tweezers to carefully pry the collar stay out of the jam if necessary.

Caring for Collar Stays

Your collar stays will last longer and keep your collars looking their best if you take proper care of them. Just wipe out your collar stays with a moist cloth and dry them completely before putting them away.

On your collar stays, avoid applying harsh chemicals or abrasives as this can harm the material and lessen their effectiveness.

Finally, maintaining a polished and businesslike image necessitates the right use of collar stays. Understanding the various collar stay kinds, picking the best one for your shirt, and correctly putting them in and taking them out can help you create a polished appearance that will make an impact.

Are collar stays have to be worn?

Yes, collar stays are designed to be worn in collared shirts to keep the collar in place and maintain a crisp, professional appearance.

How are collar stays inserted?

Collar stays are typically inserted into a designated slot on the underside of a dress shirt collar. The stays help to keep the collar looking crisp and structured. To insert a collar stay, simply slide it into the slot and adjust it as needed.

Do you wash shirts that have the collar stays in?

Yes, it's recommended to remove the collar stays before washing shirts to prevent damage to the fabric or the washing machine. Collar stays can be easily removed and inserted back after washing.

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